How to Improve Your English Skills

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Learning a new language is not easy. Each person has their own learning style and learns at their own pace. Once you have decided to take on learning a new language (such as English) there are many different activities you can engage in that will support and reinforce your efforts. Enrolling in an English as a Second Language (ESL) course can help you lay the foundation for developing your English skills. In this case, a trained instructor will guide you through the curriculum and help you by assigning practice assignments and helping you with pronunciation. Below are some tips and ideas that you can use to further help improve your English skills.

Hear English
It seems logical, doesn’t it? In order to know how certain words are said, we must hear them being spoken. Hearing them, is actually not enough, you must listen to the sounds and mentally (or orally) repeat them in order to internalize them. The more dialogue in English that you are actively engaged in listening to, the easier it will become to recognize and repeat certain words. Below is a list of good listening opportunities for you:

– Eavesdrop on conversations at a cafe or in line at the supermarket
– Watch movies and television in English
– Borrow children’s books accompanied with cassettes from your local library, then listen to the story on the tape while following along in the book
– Listen to talk radio or news on your way to work

English is all around you. Everywhere you go you can overhear people talking to each other in English. Instead of tuning it out, listen closely and try to recognize words or identify new ones.

Read English
Another great way to reinforce your English skills is to read in English. Reading helps your mind grasp how words work together when in context. Read the morning newspaper in English. Borrow a book in English from your local library.Universitas Swasta di Bandung  You can check out the English version of a book you may have read in your own native language so that you’re already familiar with the story and can concentrate on the language in the text. Wherever you are, read the signs and imagine the words you read spoken out loud.

Speak English
As they say, practice makes perfect. In order to truly improve your English language skills, you must practice speaking in English very often. This can be a bit intimidating, especially if you feel as though you have an accent. The truth is, the world is full of people who are working on learning a new language. Konseling Online Have patience with yourself and realize that others will be patient with you too. Consider joining an English language exchange group where you’ll have discussions in English. Talk to yourself in English in the shower. Practice speaking in English at home with your family. When you are alone, repeat words you have trouble over an over again to yourself until you feel you have gotten it right.

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