How to Set up a Flowchart in Google Docs in 2022

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A flowchart is a visible resource that graphically depicts a system or a workflow. In this article, we present a action-by-phase guidebook on how to generate a flowchart utilizing the designed-in drawing resource in Google Docs.

Flowcharts, which are schematics that use symbols and designs alternatively of genuine shots to depict a method, workflow, or algorithm, have been about for many years. Engineers Frank and Lillian Gilbreth are reported to be the initial to use the flowchart to document procedure movement in 1921.

When used as task management visible aids, flowcharts attain numerous matters:

  • Clarity: Staff users can much better visualize the project management actions to just take in the course of the project’s existence cycle.
  • Coordination: Flowcharting enhances workforce collaboration and eradicates avoidable do the job for the reason that anyone is aware the sequence of activities.
  • Conversation: Flowcharts exhibit how complex processes are completed working with simple-to-comprehend diagrams.
  • Assessment: Since the approach circulation is mapped out from beginning to close, it is less complicated to pinpoint in which bottlenecks are likely to occur, enabling job professionals to refine the challenge administration prepare appropriately.

You might make flowcharts utilizing a devoted flowchart device or diagram software, these as Microsoft Visio or Lucidchart, but Google Docs is also an alternative you need to test out.

The diverse elements of a flowchart, symbols, and designs

In advance of we launch into a dialogue of how to build a flowchart in Google Docs, let’s to start with touch on the most normally made use of sections of a flowchart.


Each flowchart has a start out, but particular flowcharts really don’t have an end. Flowchart starts and finishes are represented by a rounded rectangle or the terminal image.


Method depicts what is getting performed. It’s the portion of a flowchart that will involve action and is rectangular in condition. Illustrations involve “turn on the monitor,” “feed the dog,” “play Netflix,” or “send to the approving supervisor.”


This is where conclusions go, which are ordinarily yes/no or real/fake inquiries. Dependent on the solutions to individuals inquiries, the system or algorithm will circulation in two different directions. The final decision symbol is represented by a rhombus or a diamond.


Arrows or flowlines reveal the way of the system or the movement of command.

Typically, flowlines and rectangular blocks are all you require to create a easy flowchart. But if you want your chart to involve much more element, the screenshot under exhibits different flowcharting symbols, from simple to advanced.

A screenshot of the shapes and symbols used for flowcharting and what they indicate.

The distinctive flowchart symbols and what they are used for. Image supply: Creator

Making use of Google Docs to generate a flowchart

Google Docs is a adaptable job collaboration software. With its constructed-in drawing instrument, not only can you compose and format text documents but you can also design and style a customized flowchart — and even a Google Docs task timeline.

Now that we’re all set to make a flowchart, let us dive in.

1. Open up a Google doc

Do that by coming into into your handle bar. Signal in and open a blank Google document.

Screenshot of the “Start a new document” page in Google Docs, in which users can choose to open either a blank page or use a pre-built template.

Pick the “Blank” document possibility to open a new Google doc. Picture supply: Creator

Alternatively, navigate to, indicator in, simply click on the “+ New” button on the major left-hand facet, and decide on “Google Docs” from the menu options. An untitled document will open up in a new tab. Title the doc.

A screenshot showing the different document and file types a user can create: Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, and Google Forms.

To commence producing a flowchart, go to Google Generate and open up a new Google Docs doc. Image resource: Author

If your flowchart is horizontal, go to the File tab on the menu bar, pick “Page set up,” then choose “Landscape” to change the page’s orientation from portrait to landscape.

2. Open Google’s drawing resource

We will be utilizing Google Docs’ diagramming resource to create a flowchart. To do that, click on on “Insert” from the menu bar on top, hover your mouse above the “Drawing” selection, and simply click on “+ New.”

A screenshot in which the Insert menu and the options “Drawing” and “+ New” are highlighted.

To open up the constructed-in Google attract resource, click on the Insert menu, hover your mouse about the “Drawing” choice, and then click on “+ New.” Impression resource: Creator

A blank drawing canvas will look on best of your Google document.

A screenshot of a blank drawing canvas over a Google document entitled “Google Docs Flowchart.”

A blank drawing canvas will pop up about your Google doc when you simply click on “+ New” from the Insert >> Drawing menu. Picture supply: Creator

To see the diverse flowcharting objects, on the drawing toolbar, click on the Shapes tool (icon with the circle and sq. to the still left of the boxed “T”), then select “Shapes” from the record of choices. You will uncover the various flowcharting designs at the base fifty percent of the menu.

Screenshot of the Google Docs drawing canvas with the bottom half of the Shapes menu boxed in red.

The Google flowchart equipment can be found at the bottom fifty percent of the Designs menu. Picture resource: Author

If you’re not common with the unique designs and what they symbolize, mouse in excess of an item, and hover text will surface indicating its perform.

Screenshot of the Google Docs drawing tool showing the rectangle shape selected and the words “Flowchart: Process” below it.

If you hover your mouse over a flowchart image, you’ll see what it is utilised for. In this instance, the rectangle is for a process or motion. Impression resource: Creator

3. Increase styles

As an illustration, we will be producing a flowchart out of this guideline. We’ll name our flowchart, “How to Make a Flowchart in Google Docs.”

To start out the procedure, select the flowchart terminator — or the rounded rectangle — from the Styles menu.

A screenshot of the different flowcharting shapes, with the terminator symbol highlighted.

When you mouse in excess of the rounded rectangle, you are going to see the textual content “Flowchart: Terminator” to signify that it’s the condition you will be employing to start out your flowchart. Impression source: Author

Increase each and every shape or item you need to have independently. You may perhaps copy-paste the shapes, so they are all the identical dimension.

Drawing canvas with eight shapes symbolizing the different parts of the flowchart.

When you are finished introducing your styles, your flowchart will glimpse like this. Impression supply: Writer

4. Add arrows

To attract your arrows or flowlines, click on the Line tool on the toolbar, then decide on “Arrow” or “Elbow Connector” from the drop-down menu, depending on the kind you require.

Drawing canvas showing different shapes and the “Arrow” option selected from the Line menu on the toolbar.

From the Line menu on your toolbar, find “Arrow” to develop your flowlines. Graphic source: Author

Google Docs drawing canvas with a half-finished flowchart.

When you are finished introducing the arrows, your flowchart will seem like this. Image resource: Writer

5. Insert textual content

Up coming, incorporate the corresponding text inside the designs employing the Textual content instrument, which is the boxed “T” icon in the drawing panel.

Screenshot of a Google Docs flowchart, with “Text box” selected on the drawing toolbar.

To include textual content to your flowchart, click on the “Text box” icon on the major toolbar. Picture source: Writer

To format your text, emphasize it, then click on on the a few dots in the toolbar. You now have the option to alter the font style, enlarge or make the textual content more compact, and align it as you see in shape. Duplicate-paste the text to retain its formatting.

Screenshot of a Google Docs flowchart with “Start” highlighted and the font formatting pane visible.

Format your text using the font formatting pane. Impression source: Author

6. Save your flowchart

At the time you are carried out, click on the blue “Save and Close” button. Your flowchart will then be included to your Google document. If you require to edit one thing, double-click on the flowchart, and you will be taken again to the drawing canvas to make the vital adjustments.

A completed Google Docs flowchart entitled, “How to Make a Flowchart in Google Docs.”

Even after preserving, you can nonetheless make alterations to your flowchart. Image supply: Creator

Ultimate phrase on flowcharts and Google Docs

Flowcharts graphically represent processes and are employed as visual applications in a multitude of industries, together with engineering, computer programming, and even amusement. In challenge management, they can aid simplify project preparing, no matter of the undertaking methodology you’ve decided on to undertake — whether or not it is job cycle management, the adaptive task framework, or agile.

There are many various approaches to develop a flowchart, and Google Docs is a excellent solution to contemplate. The downside is that the course of action can effortlessly turn into wearisome and time consuming, notably for complex flowcharts that require up to hundreds of specific objects or elements.

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